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Hi everyone!

I’m finally trying to get around to publishing more posts about our home school choices for this year and I wanted to start with something that seems to be working really well for us.

Let me start by saying I am a complete novice when it comes to Latin. I have much respect for the language and I absolutely see great value in learning it for many career paths but I never actually learned it myself. I would love to see my children learn multiple languages over the course of their home school career, especially if it’s something they enjoy and excel in. After much thought and prayer, the year before last I decided I would start with Latin and go from there.

Check out this article about learning Latin by Cheryl Lowe from Memoria Press:Β 

So after deciding to teach the kids Latin, I ordered the books and did a little additional research and mentally prepared myself (this was Jaden’s Kindergarten year). It was hard because the curriculum that I bought moved too fast. Too fast for someone who isn’t proficient in it to teach and too fast for the age of the students I was teaching. We liked the DVD’s and the book, but we had to make adjustments to it to suit our needs and abilities. Last year we started off trying to just slow it down by taking longer to go through each lesson but we just still hadn’t found our groove. It definitely wasn’t that they didn’t want to learn it, we just simply didn’t have the extra time to devote to it as much as the full curriculum demands and they just weren’t quite there yet in terms of fully grasping it (neither was I to be honest, lol).

After trying multiple times to figure out how to go about it, I finally decided that I would simply start by teaching them vocabulary this year. Some they already know anyway from out first attempt (which is building their confidence) and the rest is fairly easy to just add into our day. They actually really enjoy it and it truly does amaze me how capable their minds are at soaking up so much information.

Here’s the curriculum I purchased to learn and teach Latin:


Check out more info here:

I also would like to look into this one down the road once we’re ready to start adding in grammar:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch


For now, I am keeping it short and sweet. Each week we add a new vocabulary list that we work on memorizing…myself included. I’ve started adding pictures with the word so my non-reader can look at them and recognize some of them when he looks at them periodically. We go over the words every day a few times in a row and when we’re able to we try to use them in a sentence (it’s kind of become a game actually)…for example I’ll say something like “boys…it’s time to eat CENA at the MENSA…”

It’s exciting for them when they know what it means. πŸ™‚


As we get to a point where we have a good bit of vocabulary down, we’ll start adding in more information a little at a time. I don’t want to overwhelm them and burn out…I really want them to see the value in it because I sincerely believe it will benefit them in the long run. Even now we find so many Latin words in our other studies and they already are seeing why we do it. I want to start them so early because from what I’ve researched, it’s the best time to learn foreign languages. Especially one that’s going to help them as they learn additional languages.

There you go. If you’ve ever considered learning or teaching Latin and weren’t quite sure about it….my hope is this gave you something to encourage you to at least give it a shot. πŸ™‚

Until next time…



One thought on “Latin Lessons

  1. I was a classics major and did a lot of work with Latin. I think the way it’s taught is so weird! All other languages seem to do a lot with vocabulary and conversation right away, but Latin starts with declensions and grammar, which is so unnatural. I find that it all clicks, but not until you’ve been doing it a few years.

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